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1.  Call our office for an initial phone interview.  We will collect basic information such as current living situation, current employer, previous rental history and inform you of our background and credit check.

2.  Set up a date/time to view the residence.

3.  Once you have viewed the residence and you want to move forward, you will pick a tentative move-in date; you will receive an application and a holding fee will be required to secure the room. (*The holding fee will go towards your move-in costs). All ads/listings for the room will be removed from the market and there will be no further showings for the room during the application process. 

Documents required to complete your application:

  • Copy of valid Driver's license or State ID

  • Copy of Social Security Card

  • Proof of income or last 3 bank statements

  • 3 strong references

4.  CHG completes a thorough background, rental history, credit check and reference checks on all applicants.  **CHG has the right to deny an application and retain the holding fee as liquidated damages if there is any fraudulent/dishonest information provided or information is willfully withheld during the application process.

5.  The prospective tenant pays the $40 non-refundable fee online to Trans Union Smart Move to authorize the background, rental history and credit check.

Based on the information you provide on your application and/or verifiable documents, the application process may take 24 to 72 hours.  At the end of the process, if you meet the criteria, we will notify you that your application has been accepted and confirm the move-in date.  On the move-in date, we will collect the necessary move-in balance, sign the lease, and give you the keys to "your new shared home."  

At CHG we understand that people may go through "life's trials" and everyone has their own story and situation.  We are willing to work with you, all we ask is that you are upfront, honest and provide the necessary documentation so that we are better able to assist you and your new situation the best we can. 

Call our office to check for availability.

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